crafty summer

I’ve been working hard on my Etsy shop this month. Coming up with new card designs and working on improving my photography.

By far one of the biggest challenges is getting quality photos. I’m fortunate that my husband Brad LOVES photography. We got a really nice camera as a wedding present, and he has collected a few lenses over the years. He even got into some strobist stuff, so we even have a light. So, he is able to give me pointers on using the camera and lighting. I am also fortunate to have been to many photo shoots over the years, and learned a lot about framing shots and styling from people I have worked with, especially Christi and Pauline at the Iridio studio here in Portland.


A peek into the design den.

That light is a lifesaver! It’s soooo dark here in the design den. I’m not sure I could get a descent shot without it.

Luckily cards are nice and small, so I don’t need a whole lot of space shoot these little guys. My photos get better and better. Always working to make them look great.

This week I have been really cranking away. Posting new card options every day! Here are a few of the latest cards up in the shop now!

I also have a big event coming up! I signed up to participate in the Mississippi Street Fair this July! I’m excited and nervous at the same time. I’m looking forward to getting my cards some exposure to the public; also there is a lot of work to get ready for an outdoor craft show! Stay tuned for more stories on those escapades.missave

Finally, I recently started up a Tumblr account for myself as well. Have you tried it out? It work in a similar way to wordpress, but seems to be more about sharing visual things; photos, videos, etc. It’s pretty cool and I have been really digging the stuff I’m running into over there.

Check me out at:


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