weekend roundup: sports spectacular

Brad and I are sports fans (especially live sports) – and this weekend was loaded with sport! It actually started on Thursday, when we got the opportunity to go see the Portland Timbers. Some friends were kind enough to give us their tickets, since they could not go. It was a beautiful night to be out amongst the Timbers Army!


Check out that sky! It was brilliant!

This was my first time seeing the Timbers, since they had joined the MLS. If you are unfamiliar with Portland and the Timbers Army – these folks are super fans! There is no sitting during the game, and they have leaders for each section, guiding them through a series of chants and songs to cheer on the Timbers and intimidate the opposition. It’s a fun, exuberant crowd and pretty cool to experience!

Friday night was hockey night in Portland! It was another beautiful evening, so we walked to the Rose Garden Arena and got some dinner along the way; a great walk! The Winterhawks were playing game 1 in the WHL finals against the Edmonton Oil Kings. A rematch from last year, where Edmonton beat out the Hawks in 7 games. So it was pretty much sold out and everyone was excited.

hawkeyGame 1 turned out to be a bust as far as Portland was concerned. They played pretty poorly and ended up losing 4-1.

Saturday was a WINDY day spent helping my parents with some new plantings in their yard. Then off to the Winterhawks game 2 that evening. This game was much better. Portland came out strong and shut out Edmonton 0-3. The crowd was pumped and it was a fun time!

Sunday (remarkably sports free) we met up with some friends for some food and a nice hike up on Mt. Tabor. Another spectacularly beautiful day.

We spent the evening enjoying the yard and grilling up some cinco de mayo goodness.

picoIt really felt like summer this weekend, so it was extra nice to be out in the sun and have lots of fun activities filling up our days.


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