weekend roundup: digging in

The weekend started off with a bit of fun. We headed out Friday to see the Portland Winterhawks in game one of the WHL Western Conference Championship game against the Kamloops Blazers. I’m a big fan of the Winterhawks, I’ve been going to their games since I was a kid. The games are always a good time. Lots of good energy – especially during the playoffs! We sat right behind a row of fans who had driven down from Kamploops (which is up in Canada, about 3 hours north of Vancouver). They were decked out in full Blazers gear. They were good natured, even as their team found themselves on the losing end of the game, 1-4.

The rest of the weekend was all focused on some gardening. We had a large tree branch break last winter, compromising the tree. The tree was removed leaving us with an empty parking strip. Now that spring has finally come to the Pacific Northwest, it was time to fill it up! Saturday we ventured out to get our supplies from a couple local nurseries. Brad had worked on a plan for what we wanted to plant in the parking strip – to help us stay focused when shopping for plants. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all those cool plants in the nurseries!plants

Here’s the line up of plants!

preppedPrepped and ready to be filled up!

readytogoWith just a little bit of tweeking on the initial plan, we have the plants all laid out – time to get to work!

brad_plantAfter a few hours, we got all these guys planted, watered and happy. Can’t wait to see how they fill in and grow!

Next steps in our gardening adventure; get the veg garden going in the back yard. This week is warm and sunny here in PDX – perfect timing!

We ended the weekend with dinner out with friends, finished up with some Salt & Straw ice cream. Well deserved after all our hard work.



2 responses to “weekend roundup: digging in

    • Yeah, I think it will end up looking great! We just got our veg garden going as well since the weather has been so great down here this week!

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