shop update: one month!

Hard to believe that it has been a whole month since I opened up my Etsy shop. It’s been a lot of fun learning the ins and outs of setting up the shop (still learning lots!). Mostly just focusing on creating new cards and coming up with new design ideas. My first goal is to get to 50 items in the shop. I’m halfway there!

Looking forward to my first meet up withe the PDX Etsy team next week. It will be fun to meet other team members and learning from their shop/Etsy experiences. It’s at Rontom’s here in town. Here’s hoping the weather is nice, since this place has an excellent patio area.

So, I here is a round up of a couple of my favorite new items in the shop!

Hello KittyThis one features a silhouette illustration of one of our two kitties, Pepper! She’s a super cutie, and so hard to get a nice photo of. That black fur needs TONS of light to even see her little face. I lucked out and snapped this shot one sunny day, when she was distracted by a squirrel outside, and not just wriggling around. It turned into a great drawing. A fun way to say hi!

Paper Crane HeartI had the idea of doing a card with an illustration of an origami crane. I was working on the layout and came up with the 2 cranes together, along with a heart. I just loved how the shapes related to each other. It seemed like a great card to give to a newly married or engaged couple. Love how clean it is! It’s available in fun 3 color options.

rose_notesI wanted to make some more sets of single note cards. I did this little illustration of a rose from a photo we got from the Rose Test Gardens a few years ago when my sister in law and family were in town visiting. I am so happy with how they turned out! I love the pale pink, and how they run off the edge of the cards. I also thought they would make a great gift. They come in a set of 6 single note cards with envelopes.

One thing that the shop is teaching me a lot about is SEO. I have been reading up and trying to be sure I’m tagging things correctly. It’s a great boon to my overall design skills to be learning more about this aspect of marketing. Obviously the internet is such a driver in how we view, buy and experience so much these days. It’s daunting sometimes, but I am learning more and more as I go along.

Looking forward to finishing up a couple custom jobs I have been working on for friends. More on that to come!


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