Design den update: shop week three

The shop has been up and running for 3 weeks now. Still seeking that elusive first sale! But views and stats have gone up and seem to be holding pretty steady. I keep reading Etsy Team forums and articles, trying to improve and better the shop all the time. While also designing and creating more and more options. Some days it seems a little daunting, but it’s all been fun. I do wish I could grab a couple extra hours to get everything done that I would like to accomplish each day!

This week I posted a couple new card options. The first was this retro spaceship card. rocketBrad and I love science fiction stuff. So when I came up with this rocket ship doodle, I knew it would have to go on one of my cards. I love the colors on this one! So bright and fresh. I thought it would be great for a kid who is into space. Or that sci fi loving adult as well!

Second card to get into the shop this week was directly influenced by our recent trip to SF. I saw the cutest little boy (probably around 2 years old) at one of the games. He was wearing a button-up, orange gingham shirt under his jacket. It was just the sweetest thing. It got me thinking about classic patterns like gingham, houndstooth and plaid. These patterns in great colors are so great for babies. So I made up these new baby congratulations cards.

babygingham hellobabyI love the ribbon graphic at the bottom with that lovely font. I’m really digging how these turned out.

Working, working on new ideas everyday. Came up with another new birthday card design last night that I’m looking forward to putting up soon!



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