baseball getaway: san francisco

Hot on the tail of our mini vacation to Astoria; Brad and I are off to San Francisco! It is fair to say that I love SF. I have spent a lot of time there throughout the years. My Dad and Grandparents moved to SF when he was around 6 years old. So once I came around, visiting SF was a pretty regular thing. Then I ended up going to college down in SF at the University of San Francisco. So, I have had my fair share of time down in the City.

Brad has been only a couple of times now. The first was a quick stop as he dropped off a buddy on a cross country drive back home from Florida after he finished school. Then we went with some friends last September for vacation. So, it’s fun for me to go with him, since he has new eyes to see the City. Plus I can share some memories I have had throughout my life. This trip for us was pretty much focused around baseball. Living in SF when I was in school, I became a pretty big Giants fan. So, since they won the World Series last fall – I wanted to be there to see opening day and all the celebrations!

So we left on Thursday. I think our flight left at like 6:30AM or something like that. So that meant we had to catch the Max train SUPER DUPER early in the morning. It wasn’t so bad, plus that meant we would get to our hotel by lunch and have the whole rest of the day to roam around the city.

IMG_1646It was rainy at the airport when we landed. Luckily it was only grey down at Firsherman’s Wharf, where we were staying. After check in, first stop was to have some lunch. We hit the classic Buena Vista. They served the first Irish Coffee in America back in the day. I actually never tried this place – I know my Dad had gone there when we was young. It was on my list to try so we did. Great stuff there! Typical diner stuff done well. With our bellies full of eats and drink – off we were to explore.

When we had last visited, we really didn’t spend any time down here. I know it’s super touristy – but I still like it. I had always stayed down here with my folks, so there are lots of memories. Plus since they fixed up the Embarcadero – there is a great walk all the way to the Giants ballpark.

We walked all down the main drag, stopping in all the crap shops and just enjoying the walk. We got to Pier 39, which is full of touristy stuff. We had to go into the hat shop and check out there wares. Here I am modeling my favorite.

IMG_1651They had these odd, sponsored “photo spots” all around the place. The funny part was they were mostly not super great shots. We were more amused by the signs than anything else!


We ended up having dinner that night at the new Boudin bread experience place they opened up not that long ago. They had some good food, and best of all my favorite sourdough. Boudin’s bread is the best.

Friday was our first game. This was their home opener – so they were going to unveil their winning pennant and other opening day celebrations. So we had breakfast and meandered our way down to the park. This day we opted to walk down Columbus, through North Beach, Chinatown and Downtown on along to the park.


All the bunting and banners were out! Lots of people milling around, all excited to see opening day. We braved the big Giants store – packed with people – to get some souvenirs. Then onto the game!


It was a great game! Barry Zito pitched, and he looked great. Giants won 0-1. A fun day with all the celebrations and stuff. We were up way high in the 3rd deck, but still had a great view. We celebrated with some Mexican food for dinner at this little spot in the Ferry Building on our way back to the Wharf.



Saturday was another afternoon game. A little rainy that morning, so we took the bus. This one they were honoring Buster Posey for winning the MVP last season. We picked out different seats for each game to get a different flavor of the park. This time we were on the left field side, literally in the very last row.


This shot gives a good sense of how steep up these seats were! But still a good view. A tight game, but the Giants ended up on the losing end, 6-3.

But we got some nice shots as we walked back down the Embarcadero to the hotel.


Our last game was on Sunday afternoon. This game honored the guys for winning the Pennant, and they all received their World Series rings. Even the fans got replica rings!


We were sitting down in the bleachers for this game. So much closer to the action that up top!


This game was a rough one. The Giants ace Matt Cain gave up 9 runs in the 4th inning. It was pretty bad. They ended up losing 14-3. After the 5th inning, Brad and I ended up just walking around the park, taking in different views. It gets pretty sunny out there in the bleachers, and the sunburns we had started to get was plenty enough! It was fun to see the park from different vantage points. Like this spot outside the park they let people watch an inning or two for free.


It was a great baseball trip. Had fun at the park, even though the Giants lost 2 out of 3. Still always a fun time watching the games in person!



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