sketch to design

Today marks two weeks that the Etsy shop has been opened. Still working to get that next sale – but loving everything that goes in to getting this thing going and the stuff that I’m producing.

One thing that has come out of opening this shop is that I am sketching so much more. It’s felt great to do more pen and paper sketching. Creatively it has been really invigorating.balloonSketchballoon01

Recently a friends’ daughter had her 2nd birthday. So I had been brainstorming imagery for birthdays – and I always came back to balloons. I loved balloons as a kid and thought what better thing to get than a big bunch of fun balloons. After some quick sketched out thoughts, this card was created!heartSketchrainbow01

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, so I have been brainstorming some ideas. I had been playing a demo of the video game Runner 2 on our PS3. It features a little guy or gal that runs around and has a rainbow behind them. It was such a great image, that it morphed into this rainbow heart image. I love all the colors.

ombre01I had been looking at some knitting stuff and ran across some patterns that had ombre colorways going on. It stuck in my head and ended up coming out with this cute heart. This one just came out when I was playing around with card designs on the computer.

flowers01I always get my Mom a nice bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day. So I knew I had to do some kind of floral design on a Mother’s Day card. I thought it would be cool to have an interested trim on the front of the card to reveal the message on the inside of the card. Plus I love the little touch of having one flower darker than the rest – representing how your Mom stands out from the rest.

Now I think it’s time to get back to the sketch pad!


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