mini trip: astoria

Over the weekend Brad and I, along with a couple of friends, took a quick little trip to our favorite town on the Oregon coast, Astoria. It’s such a great little town, super cute shops and the best part – it’s a totally walkable town. They have this great walkway that pretty much can take you from one end of town to the other. Love it!

We totally lucked out on the weather, it was sunny, sunny, sunny – easily the warmest weekend of the year. In fact, Brad and I have lucked out every time we have visited Astoria – it’s always sunny.

So we enjoyed the town and a quick jaunt up to Longbeach, WA to actually go onto a beach. That’s the other thing about Astoria, it doesn’t really have a sandy beach near by to go out on.

Astoria’s big claim to fame, is that it is where they filmed the Goonies, Kindergarden Cop and Short Circuit. The Goonies is for sure the movie that has the biggest impact. They even have a Goonies day every summer. This was our 3rd visit to Astoria, and Brad and I had yet to seek out the Goonies house. So we found it this time – which wasn’t difficult – it’s clearly marked on a lot of tourist maps!


Then we made our way down to the nearby docks to see the mass of sea lions that like to hang out there.

IMG_0520IMG_0536Brad captured these images. He got pretty close to that last guy, as they are laying right on the docks people can walk on to get to their boats. I can tell you, it was quite the cacophony of barking going on down there!

Like I mentioned, Astoria doesn’t actually have beaches right there for you to go out on. Mostly because it’s at the tippy top of Oregon where the Pacific Ocean meets the mouth of the Columbia River. Since our friends had their pooch along, they wanted to take her out on an actual beach. So we packed up and jetted the short ride up to Longbeach, WA. It was beautiful and sunny, and windy. Good thing we brought along the kite.

kiteThis was the first time I actually had the opportunity to fly Brad’s kite. Usually we end up at the beach and it’s not windy enough or rainy or we forget to bring it. We had wind to spare this time! It was really ripping!

IMG_0641Here Brad is getting serious with his trick kite skills.

It was a great trip, can’t wait to go back.

yarnbomb IMG_0645 sunset


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