one week

My etsy shop has been open for a full week now! It’s been a lot of work and a lot of learning getting things going, but also loads of fun. It’s so great to work up and idea, print it out, trim it and photograph it. Then, boom–it’s out there! The whole process has really kick started my creativity.
Next steps will be to come up with more and more items for the shop, and to see about increasing the shop visibility (ie: more shop stats obsessing). Always something to do! Overall though I am learning a lot and super stoked to make that first sale (to a non-family member)!

I am super excited about a couple new items in the shop this week.



I like the pixel/pointillism aspects of these designs. So much fun! Plus so versatile – great to say happy birthday, congratulate or just say hi to those special folks in your life. I’m super happy with how the colors on these came out on the krafty brown paper.

As always, updates to the shop, and other missives from the design den will be posted here!



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