furry friends

I am a big fan of animals. Big, small, furry, scaly – doesn’t matter. They are all cool to me. My husband and I were fortunate enough to get to go to Australia for our honeymoon. While there we visited the Sydney Zoo. This place was amazing! So many creatures, all on a beautiful hillside, looking out over the bay back at the Sydney Opera House.

My husband Brad, a fantastic photographer and fellow animal lover got some great shots from that day. A few of these photos were the inspiration for the animal portrait note cards currently in my shop.


Click photo to see this card on etsy.

The tortoise was an easy choice. This guy is so big and has such a great face, plus turtles and tortoises are my husbands favorites. This one was for him.


Click photo to see this card on etsy.

This little sparrow was so cute. Plus I loved his little pinkish-red beak. That was the inspiration for the color I ended up using on the card.


Click photo to see this card on etsy.

The giraffe was appealing because I’m a fan of their hide. The spots are so lovely on that long, elegant neck. Plus Brad caught this guy’s head at such a great angle. Just love it!


Click photo to see this card on etsy.

Finally we have the dingo. I love the color of their faces and the coloring of the fur. My favorite in this shot is how this guy is so interested in what he is looking at. Just a great expression – especially with those ears!

I hope to do more of these animal portraits. I love the crisp line art with the more loose color shape. Plus, they are tons of fun to make.


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